Why I Travel

There have been many times where people are dumbfounded by my lifestyle. They simply cannot comprehend why I do what I do.

When will you come back home already? When will you get a real job? Why are you traveling? Aren’t you worried about retirement? Aren’t you scared of ISIS?

Well, I figured I should finally shed some light on some of these questions. 

I have never understood the lifestyle of Americans. Ever. I simply do not understand why it’s expected of me to go to school until I’m 22, then immediately leap into a life-draining and unrewarding job, working from 9-5 every day. I’m expected to work almost 355 days a year with only ten days off for vacation, which in my opinion is far too short a time to enjoy anything at all. And, if I get weekends off, I only have the energy to sit in my pajamas in front of the TV until I have work again two days later. I’m expected to get married, have children, buy cars and a house I can’t afford, and also work at this same, painfully boring job until I’m 65 years old when I’m finally able to stop and enjoy my life. 

Sorry, but I’m not buying in. 

Before graduating college, I saw that boring and miserable life ahead of me and, with some slight nudges from my brilliant boyfriend, said fuck no and headed to Thailand. 

Life is short, ladies and gentleman. You have no clue when you are going to be diagnosed with some debilitating disease or wake up paralyzed from the waste down and never recover or simply get run over by a garbage truck on your way to work and die instantly. You are wasting your one life behind a computer, blinding yourself and experiencing nothing but a pix-elated screen day in and day out, and for what? Social security money for when you’re old and have no urge to do much of anything– if you even make it there, of course? 

I’m sorry, I just can’t do that to myself. I am in love with my life right now and I can’t even think that far in the future right now.

Currently, I am incredibly happy and proud of myself. I have lived in Thailand, South Korea, and Vietnam. I have seen some jaw-dropping scenery throughout my travels. I have met some genuinely amazing people from all over the globe, some of whom happen to have the same views as I do– yes, even other fellow Americans! It’s not just me! I love that I have experienced drastically different cultures, customs, and people. I love everything I’ve done and I wouldn’t have done any of them if I hadn’t made that decision to travel.

And the best part? I still have so much to look forward to. I’m young, healthy, somewhat fearless, and have no intention of stopping what I’m doing. I’m genuinely happy and excited for every single day of my life. I wake up when I want to, work when I want to, and go wherever I want to with nothing holding my back.

Oh, and for those that are curious, sometimes traveling can get a little scary and gruesome. Walking around Ho Chi Minh City past 10:00pm is a little spooky, but the worst that happens is that I get offered cigarettes, marijuana, and cocaine (calm down, I say no!). I also saw a man openly pooping on the sidewalk next to a busy intersection the other day. But, that’s about it.

My point is that traveling isn’t nearly as scary as a lot of people make it up to be in their heads. Thanks, Fox News and the rest of the biased and fear-spreading media! In reality, it’s extremely rewarding and plain ol’ fun! I wouldn’t trade anything I’ve experienced so far. Yes, even seeing the man shitting on the sidewalk.

And ISIS? No. Just no. I’m more scared of Donald Trump becoming president, if I’m being entirely honest. And if that happens, you’ll probably never see me in America again!

Let me be clear: I’m not trying to insult you in any way if this is indeed the lifestyle you have chosen. If you are genuinely happy with your life and love every moment of it, then that is awesome. I’m really happy for you! But, if you feel lost, lonely, depressed, or anything but happy, maybe consider doing what I do. Traveling the world is undeniably the greatest thing I’ve ever done– and will continue to do because there’s so much I have yet to see! It’s also much easier and cheaper than you think. You don’t need to be a millionaire to do it! I know because I am far from that! 

Thanks for reading! If you have any other questions, don’t be shy to leave them in the comments. I hope to see you out in the world! xo


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