Home, Sweet Home: Ho Chi Minh City

Hello again, readers! I apologize now for my hiatus, but I have been outrageously busy with work and–naturally–a bit lazy. Go on. Judge me.

…Finished? Wonderful! Let me fill you in a bit on my shenanigans.

Matt and I are currently in Ho Chi Minh City and have been since late January and have been loving it! Among the numerous districts in this city, Matt and I reside in District 1, the center district with the most foreigners and most things to do. We live in Japantown, which is wonderful because we are surrounded by cozy Japanese restaurants with all the ramen we could ever want! Plus, there are Vietnamese places to eat as well and we go there a lot and get various (and often mysterious) meats with rice and/or Banh Mi. There’s also many other places to eat and places to visit within walking distance.

What have I been doing since I got here over four freakin’ months ago? Excellent question! I (and Matt, of course) have started working for an online English tutoring company called VIPKid that’s based in Beijing, China. We tutor kids one-on-one through video with the aid of a powerpoint presentation. And guys: it’s seriously the greatest job I’ve ever had. I get to choose my own hours, I work from wherever I want as long as I have WiFi, get paid a dumb amount of money for it, and get to travel anywhere I want while simultaneously making money. What more could I possibly ask for?! It’s the perfect set-up all around and I’m extremely happy about it! Anyway, Matt and I have been working a ton lately in order to save up money to travel all through Vietnam for 3-weeks (which is coming up real soon!) and a new country sometime in the near future!

We’ve also been sightseeing a bit during our down time. We’ve seen a bit of HCMC and a little bit outside the city as well. I’m excited to post separate posts on those stories in the near future as well, but for now, here are some pictures of some things we’ve seen inside the city thus far:



District 1: Walking Street, Ho Chi Minh City Hall, Street Food Market


Saigon: One Immense Chaotic Blur; Matt at an outdoor restaurant (one of many) with some grub; A bridge between District 1 and District 4; four pictures taken in Chinatown; a kebab stand; me and some friendly schoolgirls at a school I worked at for a day; Me holding some coconuts and coolers!



In the Smog, Not Really Clouds: Bitexco Tower

A photo shoot with some adorable (and quite sweaty) kiddies

As for April, we actually went on trips, so I won’t post those pictures just yet! I’ll save them for other posts, as well as some others that I omitted above.

So, how is Ho Chi Minh City, all-in-all? Well, I both love and hate it simultaneously. The city is bustling during the day and there’s so much to see, taste, smell, and witness. The city is bursting with things for you to experience every moment of the day, which starts at 5:00 a.m., by the way. The people are kind, friendly, and helpful. They are always excited to hold a conversation with you and learn about you, even if they only know the sentence, “What yo’ name?” Everyone’s curious about where you come from and what you’re doing here of all places. However, sometimes all of that can be a little overbearing. The streets can sometimes be too “bustling” and noisy. And I mean, really, extremely, irritatingly noisy. Horns blare every moment at what seems like nothing. There are motorbikes everywhere, even on the sidewalks, dodging a red light or a one-way street, but not dodging the pedestrians walking on them. Trucks, buses, motorbikes, and cars fly into intersections after their light had turned red 10 seconds ago! Needless to say, “safety” isn’t observed in traffic. And sometimes the offer of “Motobike?” every three feet on your walk home from the gym can be irritating as well. Oh, and there’s negative nightlife. The entire city shuts down at 10:00 pm, which is a huge let down because I enjoy an occasional night out until 5 a.m.! I’m still young, damn it!

However, Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon is a wonderful place to be. I am not ashamed of it nor upset by it. I have had some seriously wonderful experiences here and met some life-altering folks as well. I love it, even when I hate it (yes, okay, alright, for the love of god, we hear you and your horn!!!!!). I’m extremely happy we are here and wouldn’t change our time here at all.

I hope that this post aided in explaining what I’ve been up to lately! I will (hopefully!) post something again very soon! Stay tuned folks. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Home, Sweet Home: Ho Chi Minh City

  1. girlonawing says:

    Haha, excellent. “For the love of god, we hear you and your horn.” I’m dead. It was so great seeing you guys there. I can’t wait to move there, but maybe not to District 1. Can’t wait to see what other adventures await you. xx


    • Travelin' Marilyn says:

      Ha! I’m glad you enjoyed that line! It was wonderful seeing you as well. I think you will love living here, regardless of the district you decided to live in! It’s exhilarating everywhere you go in this city. Thanks so much! I can’t wait to see what adventures await you as well! 🙂


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