Celebrating and Wandering: New Year’s in Beachy Busan

We had a few days off from work for the New Year, so Matt, a couple of co-workers, and I decided to head South to see Korea’s other large city, Busan.

When we arrived, we immediately walked along the beach. For a very late December afternoon, it was relatively warm and the sky was cloudless. It was a mesmerizing sight for us to see and feel– especially since Sejong had been so bitterly cold!

During our two night and three day stay, we experienced some both wonderful and tantalizing things. Wonderful to witness and enjoy, but tantalizing in that we’d have to only enjoy it for a short while until we returned to the frigid, dreary, and dull Sejong.

December 31st

Our first day was an ideal day for me because it involved three things I thoroughly enjoy: friends, the beach, and cats. Oh, yeah. I finally witnessed my first cat cafe and, let me tell you, it was like something straight out of a dream!

Nov 15 to Feb 16 199Nov 15 to Feb 16 188Nov 15 to Feb 16 190Nov 15 to Feb 16 189Nov 15 to Feb 16 192Nov 15 to Feb 16 193

Nov 15 to Feb 16 194

A lovely juvenile addition to some beach scribbles

After that, our New Year’s celebration was a rather calm one, involving our own cheap fireworks on the beach and some brews in a local bar during the countdown, which we, being so painfully American, initiated. The fifteen or so Korean patrons joined in with us after a moment of complete confusion and promptly clinked glasses with us.

January 1st

Starting bright and early (painfully, might I add), my friends and I headed to a popular beach where thousands of people gathered to watch the sunrise. Matt unfortunately didn’t join us because he was too exhausted…and hungover, naturally! As the sun rose, music blasted through speakers while a plethora of colorful balloons and lanterns were lifted into the gradually-lightening morning sky to ring in the Year of the Monkey.

Nov 15 to Feb 16 225

Nov 15 to Feb 16 230Nov 15 to Feb 16 228Nov 15 to Feb 16 232Nov 15 to Feb 16 227Nov 15 to Feb 16 245Nov 15 to Feb 16 247Nov 15 to Feb 16 236Nov 15 to Feb 16 238Nov 15 to Feb 16 237

Needless to say, after that, we rushed back to our hostel and collapsed back into bed!

When we finally rose in the afternoon, we instantaneously went for some much-needed brunch, then later to a seaside temple. Unfortunately, our bus was stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, so we ended up getting there at night.

I apologize for the blurry and dark images

January 2nd

The following day, we went to my favorite sight during our vacation: Gamcheon Culture Village. This village is absolutely spectacular. Cascading along the mountainside, the village is a rainbow sea of houses of various sizes and shapes. Among the houses are numerous hidden alleyways and alternatively open streets, both of which hold gems of cafes, shops, and eateries. We walked along the street with hundreds of other people, stopping to take in the views and snapping pictures along the way.

Nov 15 to Feb 16 274Nov 15 to Feb 16 283Nov 15 to Feb 16 282Nov 15 to Feb 16 299Nov 15 to Feb 16 276Nov 15 to Feb 16 306Nov 15 to Feb 16 308Nov 15 to Feb 16 287Nov 15 to Feb 16 307Nov 15 to Feb 16 301

We decided to stop at a small cafe with retro nic nacs and get some passionately-made and delectable alcohol. Surprise– not coffee! While enjoying some drinks on their deck, we enjoyed the view.

Nov 15 to Feb 16 289Nov 15 to Feb 16 297Nov 15 to Feb 16 280Nov 15 to Feb 16 290Nov 15 to Feb 16 305Nov 15 to Feb 16 293Nov 15 to Feb 16 304

That night, we went to a bar and had some seriously delicious food and drinks from a bar called Sharkie’s. On our way back to our hostel, we walked along the beach. It was a wonderful way to end a great vacation.

The following day, we made the trek back to Sejong with heavy hearts.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating and Wandering: New Year’s in Beachy Busan

  1. girlonawing says:

    Hahaha. The sad, dreary, dull Sejong… Home, sweet home. I’m just going to go ahead and tell myself that you guys miss it here so much. Can’t wait to see a post on Vietnam. Happy travels, friends. ~~


    • Travelin' Marilyn says:

      Ha! It is very dreary in the winter, though! Well, you know we don’t quite miss Sejong and the bitter cold, but I do know that we miss you and everyone! I hope you’re all staying warm and having a good time. Thanks, girl. I can’t wait to post it. 🙂 Miss you tons!

      Liked by 1 person

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