The Lantern Festival in Seoul

In late November, Matt, a fellow co-worker and friend, and I made the trek to Seoul in order to see the lantern festival on the Cheonggyecheon stream in the downtown area. The festival is held in order to commemorate Buddha and Buddha’s birthday.

On the bustling streets above the stream, there were bountiful food vendors, serving delectable treats ranging from fried potatoes wound and spread on a kebab stick to roasted chestnuts to even churros!


We had some of this guy’s chicken and it was phenomenal!

Along the stream, which flows just between and below the streets of this specific area of downtown Seoul, there were various sculptures made primarily of the paper material used in lanterns. Artists displayed their luminous and magnificent works of art at night for passersby at which to gaze and learn the historic stories behind them.



Just some of the extravagant artworks


Paper lanterns people were able to make themselves and place in the river for good fortune


Matt, me, and an igloo of white umbrellas 

It was truly an experience I won’t soon forget. However, as for the evening and early morning spent in the city afterward, I can’t exactly say the same! 🙂


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