Korean Barbecue

It was a necessity for me to write a post on Korean barbecue because of its popularity and its mouth-watering, delectable, and savory flavors. …And I’m salivating already.

Our first night in Sejong City, Matt and I were invited to join a few other people from our job for some Korean barbecue. In our jet-lagged and weary state, we joined and ate some food wrapped in lettuce leaves. Due to our delirium, we didn’t quite grasp how juicy and flavorful the food truly was. 

About two months later, a couple of other teachers, Matt and I were deciding what to get for dinner one night. I suggested Korean barbecue, since I remembered that it was relatively good the last time I tried it, but since I couldn’t quite recall how good it was at the time, I wanted to give it another go. Everyone agreed and we all met up at the local barbecue joint.

We sat down at a table with a hole in the middle. Tara ordered some meat, beer, and soju for us because, after all, it’s not a meal in Korea if you don’t have some alcohol, too! The waitress left and quickly returned with a plethora of dishes. Some were side dishes, such as kimchi, pickled onions, thin sliced fish omelettes, spicy shredded scallion salad, and Korean coleslaw. She also brought a long plate filled with lettuce and partitioned plates of salt, garlic cloves, and a flavorful and mild red sauce.

A man with a bucket of hot coals appeared, then placed it into the hole in our table. Then, a grill plate was placed on top of it and the vent above our table was pulled down close to the grill. Suddenly, our raw pork and beef showed up, too! Seriously, everything is so quick in restaurants in Korea, it’s miraculous. Without hesitation, Tara picked up pieces of beef and pork and placed them on the grill.


After only a few minutes, the pieces were ready to eat! I picked up a couple of pieces of meat, which were dripping with juices, and placed them onto a leaf of lettuce. With my chopsticks, I added some salt, red sauce, onions, and shredded scallion salad to my leaf. I rolled it up and bit in and… wow. Just wow. The meat was so fresh, so juicy, so flavorful, I was just blown away. The meat in America has got nothing on the meat here, especially barbecue. Seriously. 


I proceeded to eat a lot more stuffed leaves and drink a nice amount of Cass beer and soju. I stuffed myself to pure happiness and it was perfect. I never wanted it to end! And I most certainly intend on returning there ASAP! 

Have you ever had Korean barbecue? What was your experience? 

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