Jajangmyeon (Black Soybean Noodles)

During my first month in Korea, my main food of choice was black soybean noodles, considering I didn’t (and still don’t) know much about Korean food and what’s good. They’re simple, cheap, filling, and delicious! 

We waltzed into a small restaurant during one of our first work days. Why? Because there were pictures of their food items along with cheap prices. Therefore, our hunger and wallets led us inside immediately. It turned out that we really enjoyed the fried rice we ate!

One day on one of my breaks, I decided to head there for some sustenance, but I really wasn’t in the mood for fried rice again. I decided to go out on a limb and try the dark-colored noodles on the menu, mainly because they were noodles (I love noodles) and they were only $3! Obviously, I had to have it.

After waiting only a couple of minutes, the waitress brought me a large bowl of noodles slathered in dark, chunky goop and a pair of scissors. I looked up at the waitress like a helpless, lost puppy and she picked up the scissors, stuck them in my noodles, and cut the noodles up. Why? Because the noodles turned out to be super long and when they’re cut, I wouldn’t choke on them! So, that’s smart.

After she left, I grabbed some chopsticks from the drawer in the table (yes, Korea is amazing and provides you with your utensils and napkins in a drawer on the side of your table) and dug in. Let me tell you: it was delectable. Usually, I’m not into creamy and thick sauces, but this was delicious. It had chunks of pork with diced carrots, peas, and soybeans that fit in so well with the noodles. I was in heaven! I gobbled that up so fast, I’m not even sure I breathed the entire time I was eating them.

Unfortunately, it’s a very heavy dish, so it felt a little uncomfortable in my stomach afterwards, but it was honestly so worth it! I’ve eaten it a ton of times since then and I’m sure I’ll eat it a ton more times while I’m here! I definitely highly recommend them. 🙂


Jajangmyeon with a side of radishes for a palate cleanser 

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