The Profoundly Colorful and Magical Naja Chinese Temple in Chonburi, Thailand

Are you prepared for some seriously astounding architecture and color?

I ask because we weren’t when we visited the Naja Chinese Temple and I feel the need to forewarn you!

Upon arriving there on yet another one of our uneventful weekends, we were aghast at the beauty of even just the entrance of the temple. When walking in, we saw a plethora of different statues, shrines, and structures. Dragons swirled around color-drenched pillars as we made our way to a large tent-like structure that was to the left of the main temple itself.


The entrance to the Naja Chinese Temple  20150221_150701_resized

The fountain in the middle of the entrance


Me in front of the main temple

Inside, there were many places to donate and pray. There was also a large assortment of demigods and deities, dressed in necklaces made of brightly-colored flowers.

So, listen: as much as I would love to attempt to portray to you in words how truly beautiful this temple was, I feel that they would fail me (and you), so I think simply showing you our pictures and videos would do a much better job.

20150221_150907_resized 20150221_151126_resized 20150221_151205_resized 20150221_151215_resized 20150221_151228_resized 20150221_151253_resized

Inside the tent-like structure for donations and prayer

20150221_151415_resized 20150221_152052_resized 20150221_152102_resized

The stairs into the main temple; a couple of statues in the main temple

                       20150221_152323_resized 20150221_152326_resized

On the second floor of the main temple, looking at the large bell and drum

     20150221_152454_resized            20150221_152438_resized20150221_152444_resized

Some absolutely amazing statues; one of them up close (sorry for the photo, sign); and one of the murals in the same room

20150221_152807_resized 20150221_152850_resized 20150221_152926_resized 20150221_152931_resized

The balcony from the second floor overlooking the entrance

IMG_1409 IMG_1410 IMG_1412


20150221_154036_resized 20150221_154125_resized

Then, we headed out of the temple in search of some nourishment. Across the street, we found a 7/11, where we got some bottled water, and then right outside of it (practically attached to the building) was a little set-up for some Chinese food! So, we ordered some wonton soup. And, it was the absolute best wonton soup we had ever had! I would have taken a picture of it, but we ate it too fast to take one! It was definitely a wonderful day!

Have you ever been to a Chinese temple? What was your take on it?

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