The Hell Garden– Yes, it’s just about as horrifying as it sounds

After our first week of school, we figured we could explore the area we would be living in for the next four months. We had heard from one of our friends during our tour in Kanchanaburi (remember that?) about them going to this Hell Garden, where there were statues of people in the afterlife being brutally tortured because they didn’t follow Buddhist scripture during their lives. While our friends were there, they were completely uncomfortable.

After hearing that, we naturally decided, “hey, we should totally go there!” So, we were able to because there was fortunately one close to where we lived!

On Saturday November 22nd, we asked our landlords how to get to the hell garden. After going back and forth with them for a while in two different languages, our landlord asked a fellow Thai tenant if he would drive us to the hell garden, which he instantly said “yes” to and invited us in his van (no, not like a white rape van or anything. People in Thailand are super nice and offer you rides places all the time. It’s real kind!).

Then, the four of us (our landlord tagged along) were on our way to the hell garden! Then, about twenty minutes later, Matt and I were being dropped off right outside the gate of the hell garden.
We waltzed inside the garden and were bombarded with just what we were told: large statues being brutally tortured.
Here are tons of pictures of the statues. Brace yourselves!

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So, there you have it: the Hell Garden. I hope you won’t have too many nightmares tonight.

I hope you enjoyed! Let me know any comments or questions you have. Thank you so much for reading! 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Hell Garden– Yes, it’s just about as horrifying as it sounds

    • Travelin' Marilyn says:

      I know! The red paint stands out so much! I’m sure if they did, they only used red paint. They love depicting blood there!


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