Hello, hello, and welcome to my awesome travel blog!

My name is Marilyn and as my blog title so conveniently states, I am “travelin’.” I am 23 years old and am from the beautiful United States, specifically New York. And no, not the city, the state. For those that don’t realize, New York State is one of the fifty United States and New York City is only a small part of that state. Hooray learning! Anyway, I am from a small town called Goshen (some biblical town name, but I don’t have a clue about its story) and have lived there for a little over twenty years. For two years afterwards, I went to college in upstate New York (state!) and that’s about it. Plus, I’ve never gone anywhere besides the east coast of the States a small number of times for only short trips.

So, naturally, I have had quite the hankering for traveling for quite some time now.

In my junior year of college, I met this fine fellow named Matt. He was pretty cool. He enjoyed techno music, watching the Giants, having a good time, and making me smile. So, we started dating at the beginning of our senior years and seemed to really enjoy each other immediately. Oh, and I’m still with this guy, fortunately! Skipping all the corny Nicholas Sparks nonsense, he’s pretty awesome. And that’s not something I say about a lot of people, so he’s a pretty big deal.

As the school year progressed, we continually conversed about our desires to travel and not get careers just yet because, you know, screw the Man, man. Righteous! All that. Plus, we both had no idea what the hell we wanted to do with the rest of our lives, except travel. That was one thing we were sure of.

So, we graduated college that May– woo! I received a Bachelors in English and he received a Bachelors in Communications. As you can tell by our majors, we didn’t quite know what we wanted to do with our lives (and still don’t). In the summer, we decided to seriously research ways to travel, but also how to simultaneously make money because, well, we were rather poor college graduates and couldn’t afford to just travel and throw our money around the globe.

Eventually, we came across teaching English in a foreign country and thought hell yes. We could travel and live in a foreign country, make a decent amount of money, teach children, and did I mention we would be traveling?

Perfect. Awesome. Rad. But how exactly do we even go about doing that?

That research led to so much, that I need to spread it out into multiple posts. Sorry, but it’s totally necessary, and you will see why soon enough. I hope you enjoy reading!

Spoiler alert: I am currently situated in the Land of Smiles, or Thailand, with Matt. We’ve been here a little over two months now, so yes, I’m a little late on the whole blogging thing. Sorry about that, but once you see the complete and utter nonsense we went through up until this point, and even continue to go through, you will see why.

So, spread those eyelids nice and wide because you’re about to see some shit.

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